Schedule Meetings with FindTime

FindTime is an Outlook Add-in and provides a quick view of possible days and times for meeting attendees and creates a poll for your attendees to select the time that works best for them.
Here is a short summary of steps:

  • Install FindTime using the Get Add-in icon in Outlook (desktop). 
  • Compose an email with names of attendees.  Click on New Meeting Poll (FindTime) in ribbon.  Find some possible days and times that work for you and the attendees using the free/busy data. 
  • Send an email with the Meeting Poll and wait for everyone to vote (more than one can be selected). 
  • Decide on the best day and time.  FindTime sends out the meeting invite and adds the meeting to your Outlook calendar. 
  • Invites can be sent to people outside NU, but you will not be able to view their Outlook calendar when selecting days and times for the poll.

See Outlook Add-in: FindTime and FindTime Articles for more information.

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