Share OneDrive Documents With People Outside NU

To best protect the security and privacy of NU documents, sharing with people outside NU is not an option in OneDrive. If you link to an OneDrive document, using the URL in an email that you are sending to someone outside NU, the font for the URL will turn red and you will see the “….doesn’t have access to this link” message.  But don’t worry, you can share a file by using the attach option. 

Attach a document to an email to someone outside NU 

  1. Create email and click on Attach File icon on the Insert tab in Outlook.  
  2. Find and select document in your OneDrive folder. 
  3. Default is that the document will be a copy and cannot be edited by recipient. 
  4. If you want the recipient to be able to edit the document: 
    • First, choose Attach File on the Insert tab in Outlook 
    • Choose Browse Web Locations and click on your OneDrive – Northwest University folder. Find and insert desired document.  
    • You will see a “How do you want to attach this file?” message with two choices. 
      • If you select “Share Link” the recipient of your email will be able to view the actual document.  You can change permissions and allow editing. 
      • If you select “Attach as copy” the recipient of your email will receive a copy of the document.  Any changes made to the document will not change your original document. 
    • If you do not see the Share Link and Attach as copy options, open the document on your computer before attaching the file.
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