Sharing Documents With OneDrive.

Documents in your OneDrive – Northwest University folder are not available to others until you share them with team members and other NU employees.  See below for a quick tutorial and watch this video for more information on sharing documents with Microsoft 365. 
Share a folder or document with other NU employees: 

  1. Sign into and select OneDrive.  Find desired folder or document.   
  2. Set Sharing options 
    • Click the share icon or the ellipses at the end of the folder/document title and select “Share.” 
    • The default sharing option is “People you specify can view.” Click on People you specify can view… to see the other options:  “People with existing access” and “People in Northwest University with the link.” Select your desired share option. 
    • On the same page under “Other settings” choose whether you want to “Allow Editing.” If you do not allow editing the document will be shared in “View Only” mode by default. If you choose not to allow editing “Block download” is also an option.  
    • Click Apply when finished.   
  3. Send/Share Link using one of the following options 
    • Add name to the TO: field, add a message and click on Send button.   Recipient(s) will receive an email with notice that you are sharing a file with them. 
    • Click on “Copy link” icon and share document link as desired. 
    • Click on “Outlook” icon.   Outlook will open.  Add desired names and subject. 

Want to increase your knowledge? Visit this Microsoft Support page for more documentation.

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