How can I access the Global Address Book using Mail (Mac OS)?

To access the Northwest University Global Address Book using Apple's Mail program, please do the following:

Open the Address Book program and select Preferences from the Address Book menu.

Go to the LDAP tab and click the + button at the bottom of the window.

Enter the following information, then click the Save button:

  • Name: Northwest University
  • Server:
  • Search Base: dc=northwestu, dc=edu
  • Port: 3268
  • Scope: Subtree
  • Auth Type: Simple
  • User name: [Your NU E-Mail Address]
  • Password: [Your NU Password]

You should now be able to perform a search and get results from the Global Address Book (ie- "Abi").

Now when you compose a message using Mail, it should now auto-complete matching NU e-mail addresses/names.

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