Calling: How to Call Campus Security Using Teams

The phone number for NU Campus Security is not a Microsoft 365 number so cannot be found by searching in the Calls section of Teams.  It must, instead, be dialed directly: 425.864.1552.    

We recommend the following action to make sure you have quick access to Campus Security:  
Add Campus Security to your Contacts list in Teams:    

  • Open the Contacts tab in Calls and click the Add contact button.   
  • Type Campus Security (or desired name), ignore any suggestions that pop up (press Esc), and then click the Add button.  
  • Enter 425.864.1552 as the Phone number and click the Add button.  

To Call Security:  

  • Open the Contacts tab in Calls and use the Find a contact box to find the Campus Security account you added to your Contacts list.    

Add Security to your Speed Dial list:   

  • Find the Campus Security contact you added to your list, click on the three dots, and select Add to speed dial.  


View or Add Contacts in Teams (Microsoft)

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