Invite External Users to Join Teams Meetings

External users invited to a Teams Meeting can join from any device, and they do not need to have a Microsoft 365 account.  

Two options for creating a meeting invitation:  

  • Create a Meeting invitation from Outlook or the Teams Calendar and add the external user’s email address.  
  • Create a Meeting invitation from Outlook or Teams, adding at least one user. Copy and share the meeting link with the external user.  

Steps for Joining the meeting:   

The external user will:  

  • Click on the “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” link.  
  • Decide how to access Teams. Three options are available: Download the Windows app (best experience), Continue on this browser (no download or install required) and Open your Teams app (if user has a Teams account).  
  • Allow access to their microphone and camera.  
  • Enter their name and click “Join.”  
  • Wait in the lobby until admitted by the meeting host.    

The meeting host will:  

  • See a message that “Someone is waiting in the lobby.”   
  • Click on “View the Lobby” and admit the guest or click on “Admit.”   


Join a Teams meeting without a Teams Account (Microsoft)  

How to invite anyone to Microsoft Teams Meeting (8:17  Kevin Stratvert)

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