Sharing and Manage Access to Teams/SharePoint Documents

All content added to a Team is available to all members of the Team. NU employees who are not members of the Team do not have access to the documents, but documents can be shared with individuals outside the Team.    

To Share a Document with an NU Employee Outside your Team:    

  • In the Team, find the desired file and click on three ellipses.  
  • Select Open in SharePoint.  
  • Click on the three ellipses after the name of desired document and select Share.  
  • The default selection is People you specify can view - click on that option to see the other options:  People in NU with the link and Specific people. Select desired option.  
  • In the Other settings section, you can select Allow editing or Block Download.  
  •  Select Apply button.  
  • Add desired names, then add a message and select Send or click on Copy to see the shareable link.    

To Manage Access to Shared Documents:    

  • In SharePoint click on the three ellipses after the name of the shared document and select Manage access.  
  • Sharing information will be available. Click on profile picture and click on X to remove access to the document.
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