Options for Outlook Inbox Setup

Outlook provides two options for your Inbox display: 

  • Focused and Other tabs 
  • All and Unread tabs 

To Switch from one option to the other: 

  • Open your Inbox and click on View in the ribbon. 
  • Click on Show Focused Inbox icon to toggle between the two options. 

If you are using the Focused and Other tabs option: 

You may find that emails from a specific address appear in the wrong tab. You can easily move the email to the other tab: 

  • Right click on the email. 
  • Select Move to (Focused or Other) to move a single email, or select Always Move to (Focused or Other) to move all emails from that specific address to the selected tab.  

Focused Inbox for Outlook – including Outlook on the web (Microsoft)

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